Gain New Experience With a Study Abroad in the US Program

November 27 20:01 2018

Yale’s Study Abroad Program offers many options for student who want to experience other countries. This includes students who would like to come to the United States also. When looking into the program students will need to understand several different factors. Those are:

  • Earning credits

  • Transfer credits

  • Choosing program

  • Meeting eligibility of chose program

  • Assistance for students with disabilities

  • Costs

With so many options available to students who want to join Yale’s Study Abroad Program, there is a lot of information to consider. Depending on the program chosen it is possible to receive credit from Yale, receive transfer credits that Yale will accept, or to receive no credit at all. It is necessary to do your own research to verify that credits taken abroad will be able to transfer if it is not a Yale credit. If the credit attempted does not meet Yale requirements, then the credit will not be allowed on the transcript or count towards graduation requirements. If the student is trying to earn graduate credits, then special arrangements may possibly be made.

Typically, Yale does not allow students to earn graduate credits abroad. Graduate students must decide in writing, before the start of courses. Arrangements must be made with the instructor, the Yale Dean, and the Dean of the graduate or professional school. I does not guarantee the graduate credit. Transfer credits have been set up through Yale and participating schools. The credits at participating schools will transfer and count towards graduation. You can check here at Yale’s study abroad website to get further information about the different programs and considerations evolved with studying abroad. Choosing a program may be difficult. There are many factors to consider, such as:

  • The year or term you want to go abroad.

  • Matching the program to personal interests or goals.

  • The location or culture you are interested in visiting.

  • Choosing a culture that supports your needs or identity. 

Considerations in the term are important based on what is offered or deadlines to enroll. Once the student has chosen the term, it then leads to choosing a program. Are you more interested in the experience offered? Or do you want to be able to learn a new culture that will benefit your future career? Each program offers different experiences and enrichment. Choosing one that will fit your personal or career goals is a priority. Outlined within the programs is a checklist that will help student to be able to understand which program or culture will be more of a challenge or more supportive of individual needs based on the students personality and/or goals. EduBookings also offers information on different study abroad programs.

A study abroad program is an opportunity to gain experiences and knowledge from other countries. Also, it offers the opportunity for the student to be able to come out of their comfort zone to experience new people, places, food, music, and lifestyles. It allows students to be able to understand cultures and language that they typically would not be exposed to in their home country.

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