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A newspaper editor uses every trick in the book to keep his ace reporter ex-wife from remarrying.

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HIS GIRL FRIDAY – a screwball classic comedy full of exhaustible energy; for fans old and new alike.

Directed by Oscar-nominee Howard Hanks’ (Scarface, Sergeant New York, The Big Sleep) classic romantic comedy, HIS GIRL FRIDAY is a ticking-clock deadline thriller following a newspaper editor who becomes involved in murder case, a revitalized romance and hilarious chaos. Bestowing HIS GIRL FRIDAY as one of cinema’s best comedy films of all time, the classic stars the longtime-famed Hollywood actor, Cary Grant, alongside the Oscar-nominated and five-time Golden Globe winner, Rosalind Russell, who prestigiously received the 1976 Screen Actors Guild Award Life achievement award.

HIS GIRL FRIDAY is “the movie that launched the careers of a thousand journalists, convinced that newspapers meant flirtation, dazzling, rapid-fire wit and lots of smoking, not to mention editors resembling Cary Grant,” observed The Guardian.

HIS GIRL FRIDAY follows the editor, Walter Burns (Cary Grant), of New York City’s newspaper The Morning Post, who learns that his ex-wife, Hildy Johnson (Rosalind Russell) is quitting her career at the newspaper to suddenly move to Albany to marry the straight-laced insurance agent, Bruce Baldwin (Ralph Bellamy). But, as The Morning Post’s top-reporter, Walter realizes not only that the business will not survive without her, but also that he cannot afford to lose her as an ex-wife, believing Bruce is unworthy of her love. Doing everything in his power to persuade Hildy to stay for good, Walter decides to delay the soon-to-be married couples’ trip by dangling a big story he knows Hildy won’t be able to resist. He assigns her to cover Earl William’s (John Qualen) story – a confused man currently on death row for the conviction of murdering a policeman – by convincing her that the shooting was an accident and insisting that The Morning Post can succeed in convincing the governor to pardon Earl from the upcoming execution.

As a driven, hard-boiled reporter, Hildy postpones her departure as she becomes more and more entangled with each step of Earl’s case. Along the way, Hildy does more than uncover the truth behind Earl’s story – she comes face-to-face with her fiancés true colors, allowing her to decide her future path. Just how deep and to what lengths is Hildy willing to go regarding Earl’s case? And when mayhem ensures, who will remain by Hildy’s side?

Howard Hanks’ has been credited for inventing the overlapping and dizzy-like dialogue between the characters, causing the film to be bursting with inexhaustible energy. “His Girl Friday moves and talks so fast that it zooms past thriller into screwball comedy […] The unflappable, unflagging energy makes His Girl Friday one of the snappiest and most purely enjoyable rom-coms ever made. It’s also a swell screwball tribute to the journalism profession, depicted as a job noble and exciting enough to get a woman in 1940 to choose her career over domestic bliss,” reviewed The A.V. Club.

Based on Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur’s hit Broadway play, “The Front Page”, HIS GIRL FRIDAY was adapted to the screen by talented writer, Charles Lederer (Kiss of Death, Ocean’s Eleven, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes). Originally released on January 18, 1940, HIS GIRL FRIDAY received a whirlwind of enchanting reviews, captivating worldwide audiences. The classic also received several prestigious accolades including win for National Film Preservation Board USA in 1993 and win for OFTA Film Hall of Fame Motion Picture in 2017.

TriCoast Entertainment will be presenting the re-release of the classic, HIS GIRL FRIDAY, onto digital streaming platforms on November 27th. Watch the trailer here:

HIS GIRL FRIDAY stars Cary Grant (North by Northwest, Charade, To Catch a Thief), Rosalind Russell (My Sister Eileen, Gypsy, A Majority of One, Auntie Mame, Mourning Becomes Electra), Oscar-Emmy nominated, Ralph Bellamy (Trading Places, The Awful Truth, Pretty Women) and John Qualen (Casablanca, The Grapes of Wrath). The classic also features Gene Lockhard (Miracle on 34th Street, Northern Pursuit), Porter Hall (Double Indemnity, Sullivan’s Travels), Ernest Tuex (Whistling in the Dark, The Twilight Zone), Cliff Edwards (Fun & Fancy Free, The Great Lover, The Iron Giant), Clarence Kolb (Merrily We Live, Impact) and Helen Mack (She, The Song of Kong, Blind Adventure).

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HIS GIRL FRIDAY (1940, 92 min.) Directed and produced by Howard Hawks. Editor: Gene Havlick. Cinematographer: Joseph Walker. Original Music: Sidney Cutner, Felix Mills. USA, English & French. Columbia Pictures Corporation, TriCoast Entertainment.

Produced by: Columbia Pictures Corporation.

MPAA rating: PG

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