Protect the Home with SANSI’s 30W Security Lights

November 27 20:55 2018
Jake Ovenden


SANSI was a company founded in 1993 and has grown into an international company based on three staple values that shapes their corporate culture. These are; innovation, sustainability and commitment. SANSI’s dedication to these three pillars is what has led them to developing a presence in over 40 countries along with over 240 patents both internationally and domestic. It is a company that is technology central, however, out of this high investment into technology it is aware of their need to be market-oriented. This has driven SANSI to become one of the market leaders in product quality and customer satisfaction. Their product range is diverse ranging from domestic lighting to commercial Smart Pole Systems and LED display screens up in Time Square New York. SANSI is dedicated to quality and innovation and their diverse product line and flexible supply chains reflect this.

30W Security Light

A security light can offer a lot to the home. They provide more security and remove vulnerable areas while also acting as a deterrent to potential burglars. Making the home a safer is something everybody wants and by purchasing a SANSI 30W Security Light you are well on your way to protecting your home.

What Sets them apart?

Their beam. Their design. Their performance. All of these are specifically unique to SANSI. When searching the web for other security lights you won’t find a light that has the same look, performance or light output.

The beam

The light these security lights put out is certainly unique to SANSI. The beam coming out from these 30W Security Lights ( incredibly bright. With a color temperature of 3500K and a brightness of 3400lumens, these lights are more than capable of illuminating a large garden or driveway.


SANSI 30W Security Lights have been specifically designed to be energy efficient and to dissipate heat faster than any other on the market. It is a bonus that they look great too! Right away when you see a SANSI light you instantly recognize it. They have a distinct look due to their porcelain composition and hollowed out structure. They look different and they perform different. The 30W Security Light comes in two different designs. One with square twin heads containing four LED modules and one with rectangular heads with 4 LED modules. You get the same light output with both designs however they give you a different look depending on what you would like.



There is no way around it, these lights perform great. They’re easy to install, produce a wide ranging bright beam and conserve energy efficiently through their distinct engineering. They’re really high quality lights that have a very reasonable price. The three sensory modes of these lights is what gives them versatility and a better more cost effective way of protecting your home. Due to the benefits these lights can bring to your home, they’re worth every penny!

Three Sensory Modes:

Test Mode

  • Set-up: Put the ON-TIME switch at the bottom of the sensor in the TEST position. 
  • Function: When people or any other living objects pass through the induction zone, the light turns on for 5 seconds automatically. Test Mode helps you know whether the motion sensor is working well. 

Motion Sensory mode

  • Set-up: Flip the light switch off for one second then back on to toggle between AUTO and MANUAL mode. 
  • Function: Under Manual Mode, the light could be on at night for 6 hours. 

*Note: Manual mode only works at night and with the ON-TIME switch in the 1, 5, or 10-minute position. 

Manual Mode (Override Mode) 

  • Set-up: Flip the light switch off for one second then back on to toggle between AUTO and MANUAL mode. 
  • Function: Under Manual Mode, the light could be on at night for 6 hours. 

These three sensory modes make the light adaptable and flexible to your home’s needs. They can illuminate your back yard based on motion for set amounts of time and if need be for up to 6 hours. Making this light one of the most versatile security lights on the market.

Grab One Today 

Overall, these lights are one of a kind. They produce a super bright beam. They will save you a lot of money in the long term and they will look great while doing it. So if you want to get hold of one there are two ways to do this.

Early Bird Discounts

You can head over to SANSI’s official retail website:

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