The Trading Volume of ET Reached 180 Million in 24 Hours, will it Break the Dilemma of Bear Market?

November 27 21:00 2018

The winter of cryptocurrency is coming, but it is so fast that it has exceeded the expectations of most people in the cryptocurrency circle. In the past ten days, Bitcoin fell to around $4,000. ETH dropped almost half of the price, the mainstream coins also fell dramatically, and a large number of altcoins struggled on the zero line. The overall market value of cryptocurrency shrank sharply once again.

However, in the downturn of the market, there are also some bright spots in the industry. For example, ET (ecological token), which was launched on the ExShell exchange on 23rd November has climbed up to $0.2 per token, and its trading volume of 180 million in 24 hours outshines others in the current crypto market.

It is noteworthy that after the price increase of ET, there were many sell orders. Judging from the operation technique,they should be econnoisseurs taking advantage of this to make profits, which was quickly stretched. Until now, the value of ET has risen steadily and the trading volume is quite impressive. It can be seen that most investors still have confidence in ET.

As platform Token, ET is very stable and has real application scenarios. It is very suitable for medium and long-term investment, and its return is relatively stable. Moreover, ET has the only mechanism of high-price repurchase and bury in the world. In the introduction of ET, we can see that the repurchase price in the first quarter is minimum $0.2 per token. If the market price is higher than $0.2 at that time, ET will be repurchased at the current market price. The repurchase price in second quarter is minimum $0.3 per token. If the market price is higher than $0.3, ET will be repurchased at the current market price.

ExShell still guarantees its users in such a radical way under the bear market, thus it can be concluded that the strength of ExShell is relatively strong.

The ExShell Exchange also assigns a perfect ecological value to ET, which can be used for multiple payment scenarios such as transaction fee, listing fee, leveraged loan charge, OTC fee, coin loan and withdrawal fee, with up to 50% discount. As the application scenario of ET continues to improve, the long-term holding value of ET will become more prominent.

The accumulation time of platform token is usually longer than other altcoins and the trends of most of the platform tokens are not significant. However, markets are easier to be independent as the platform develops, due to many precedents in the cryptocurrency circle. We can see the extraordinary strength of ExShell though it is still new.

ExShell was launched in the winter of cryptocurrency market and still favored by capital. It has won millions of RMB investment from more than ten top investment institutions including Consensus Lab, Turbo Capital, 8 Decimal Capital, LD Capital, Crypto Capital, and well-known investors. ExShell has the same business model of the top five traditional exchanges in the world, with the world’s top security team and elite management team in the industry.

It is said that ShellBel, the financial products under the brand will be launched in the APP. ShellBel has three core characteristics of “deposit and withdrawal at any time, 0 handling fee, up to 36% of the annualized revenue”, which is called the Yu Ebao in cryptocurrency circle.

The fundamentals of ShellBel are all at a high level in the industry, and that is why I feel optimistic about ET. The correct way to invest in the platform token should be early buying and long-term holding in order to maximize profits, rather than short-sighted and short-term arbitrage. If you are buying like keeping the glittering casket and returning the pearls to the seller, it is very likely that you will lose more than you gain. This move of ExShell is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the econnoisseurs.

The volatility under the bear market is a test for the strength of the long-term holding value of ET. Only when it can withstand waves can ET go further. At present, ET is in a stage of steadily rising from the downtrend, which can be said as the investor’s recognition for ExShell. From this fluctuation, more investors have seen the strength of the ExShell, which is undoubtedly beneficial for the long-term value of ET.




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