German LIECTROUX Humanoid Dance Robot Debuts In The 26th Intelligent Robot Carnival

November 27 21:25 2018

At present, it is not surprising to see the robots that can walk and talk, but robots that can perform various dances are enough to attract people’s attention. There is such a beautiful landscape on the 26th Robot Carnival held Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany from November 24th to November 25th: a group of humanoid dance robots perform various dances with music. Whether it is dynamic street dance, light and beautiful ballet or characteristic ethnic dance, humanoid dance robot can achieve perfect dance.

Intelligent robots are leading the new trend of the future. People are full of curiosity and interest in intelligent robots and the ranges of applications of intelligent robots are becoming more and more extensive.

German LIECTROUX Humanoid Dance Robot Debuts In The 26th Intelligent Robot Carnival

Humanoid dancing robot can achieve powerful performance so it is highly sought after by the media and the audience. It is suitable for various commercial activities such as product launches, celebrations, opening, cultural festivals, real estate, auto shows, night games or weddings to enhance the atmosphere of the events. It is man-made, flexible in structure and five times more flexible than the human body so it is very easy for it to perform various complex dance moves for it. Its brain is equipped with smart chip, which can match the human brain. It can accurately interpret all kinds of dance moves and have a strong sense of rhythm and is able to quickly learn all kinds of new dance moves. Its moves and music can be closely combined to achieve the best dance effect.

The humanoid dance robot can dance for a long time without feeling tired and does not cause an accident like a human being to cause an accident and cause injury. Bob Li, dean of LIECTROUX Robotics Institute in Germany, said: “Intelligent technology has gradually penetrated into people’s lives, and it has also promoted the birth of more new marketing ideas. Humanoid dance robots combine intelligent technology with human dance to attract a large number of people to come, so as to bring great passenger flow. The application of humanoid dance robot will bring new business opportunities to more and more businesses in the future.”

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