Boom in Legal Marijuana Businesses Expected to Increase SEO Services Demand

November 27 22:05 2018

Nov 27, 2018 – This week, investment news outlets The Motley Fool and Investopedia are reporting an increase in the number of marijuana businesses and the money being spent at them – particularly in the US state of California and Canada. 

The wider industry is also set for exponential growth. Driven by both steady growth in medical cannabis use and – as legalization sweeps across many more US states, and possible around the English-speaking world – recreational users, the industry is expected to be worth $20 Billion by 2024 in the US alone. 

In Canada, marijuana was legalized in October of this year and within two weeks – despite having months of preparation time – suppliers were facing shortages in supply. Clearly, with demand high for legal marijuana, cannabis companies are keen to take advantage but are ill-equipped to do so. 

Similarly, because the legal cannabis industry is relatively new, a huge number of cannabis websites have cropped up on search engines. Weed producers, resellers, dispensaries, transporters and online stores are now all competing for attention in the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

This has also led to an increase in searches for so-called ‘Marijuana SEO’. Google Trends data captures the growth in this search term, showing a remarkable rise in interest from 2016 onwards. 

Greg Lacan, Business Director of the Marijuana SEO specialists UniK SEO, said “Marijuana businesses – from local dispensaries to big Ecommerce sites – have a unique and limited-time opportunity to get ahead of the curve in their digital marketing strategy. The smart companies are scrambling to get their SEO in order to gain competitive advantages – and the sooner, the better!” 

The tight restrictions on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising are also expected to drive business to explore their organic marketing options. Greg added: “Here at UniK SEO, we focus on capturing organic traffic for our clients – with years of experience working with Adult industry websites, which also have tight restrictions on PPC, we understand that there are some industries for which good SEO is absolutely paramount.” 

Although demand for cannabis shows no sign of slowing, neither does an increase in the number of online businesses competing for those sales. Marijuana companies will be carefully considering their marketing strategy heading into 2019, and the role SEO can play within it. 

UniK SEO are offering a free site audit and SEO proposal for Marijuana-related businesses. To take advantage of this offer, contact them via the UniK SEO website.

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