Tampa Tattoo Removal Experts Reveal 5 Important Questions To Ask During Your Consultation

November 29 20:40 2018

Inkstheticare Clinic

Tampa, FL – November 29, 2018 – Premier Tattoo Removal Clinic in Tampa, has been successfully helping Floridians erasing their past and they want their potential new patients to know what they should expect during a consultation with them, as well as the proper questions to ask, which will ensure a seamless, successful laser tattoo removal consultation at Inkstheticare Clinic.

The top aesthetic laser clinic in Tampa’s founder and in-house MD, Carlos F. Ramos Jr., recommends these 5 important questions to ask during your laser tattoo removal consultation.

1. What is the estimated number of treatments to remove my tattoo?

*Remember to multiply the estimated number of treatments by about 6-8 weeks between each. I.E.; If 7 sessions are quoted, you can count on spending between 42-56 weeks to achieve maximum removal.

2. What will the TOTAL cost of removal approximately be?

*Total cost is usually going to be a “ballpark” estimate, different pay structures may not be able to get you an exact amount up front, everyone’s skin and tattoo are different, among other variables. You should be asking, “what is the cost of tattoo removal per session”, as well as the estimated amount of sessions, length of treatment, and payment intervals.

3. What is the operator’s knowledge and experience of about tattoos

*If you have a unique situation, such as a prison tattoo, home-made ink, single-needle stick and poke, multiple-session solid piece vs. magnum needle line work with color packing, or ink made from compacted or melted product containing pigment, it is important that these aspects are being considered in your treatment plan.

4. Does your consultant have a conversation with you or are they just trying to get you in and out?

*You want to make sure your consultant is consultant should be asking you thorough questions about your tattoo as well as your removal goals and medical history.

5. What type of laser are they using and what features does their laser device offer?

*Make sure your laser tattoo removal operator has adequate access to the technology they will need to successfully treat you, and understand, not all tattoo removal lasers are created equal, especially if you are looking at getting a multi-color tattoo removed, multiple wavelengths are required.

The bottom line, for anyone looking to get laser tattoo removal in Tampa, has many options but it is imperative folks do extensive research and ask the important questions during their consultations.  At Inkstheticare Clinic, laser tattoo removal is taken very seriously and the clinicians provide first class care and attention to detail during their tattoo removal consultations.

For anyone interested in learning more about laser tattoo removal at Inkstheticare Clinic, they are encouraged to visit the company’s website at https://inkstheticare.com/ or call to speak with one of the expert staff members (813) 220-0171

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