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November 25 19:51 2019
Kritical Blue Reviews is widely considered to be a must-listen to podcast for the film fanatics. There are lots of reviews on the latest films with deep discussions and debates across a wide range of films. For those people that love films they will be right at home listening to the popular film podcast.

One of the most talked about film Podcast’s of 2019 is gaining worldwide exposure. Kritical Blue Reviews, has been credited for being one of the most outspoken review podcasts available, with a lot of subtle humor and fun, with unbiased reviews, what’s not to like.

For films fans watching movies isn’t enough. Film fans want to read, breath and live the films. They want to listen to what other people think of a movie before they go and watch it, and they want to hear other people’s opinions on a film they have just watched. Now, thanks to Kritical Blue Reviews, film fans can get their fill of professional film reviews and film talk. Although the popular podcast is known for reviewing thrillers and horrors on the big and small screen, they also review action films, superhero films, comedies, and TV series.

Although there are lots of film podcasts out there, there is nothing like Kritical Blue Reviews. It provides an unorthodox way of ratings films and TV series and is not afraid to say what they really believe. While some podcasts rely on sponsorship from film studios and cinema’s and cannot say why they really thought of a film, the team at Kritical Blue Reviews have no restrictions. So, if the film is bad, and not worth the money to go and watch it, then the team at the popular podcast will tell you.

When asked why the podcast was started, a spokesman for Kritical Blue Reviews replied: “We love films, we wanted to give film lovers a podcast that really stands out. Instead of listening to film reviews that are always positive due to sponsorship commitments, we want to launch a film podcast that provides honest reviews.”

There is a lot of fun to be had in the studio of the Kritical Blue Reviews. With lots of friends joining in on the reviews, and guests being invited to talk about films, there is no other podcast that keeps film fans so entertained.

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