Ibrahim Hanif plans to convince Silicon Valley to invest in Charlottesville

January 24 14:42 2020
Ibrahim Hanif plans to convince Silicon Valley to invest in Charlottesville

Ibrahim Hanif | File Photo
After a series of conference calls with Silicon Valley VCs, a Dubai-based business strategist has received a letter of interest for a medical technology start-up that will outsource work to the city of Charlottesville.

“It is not what they usually do. They don’t take calls from Dubai. And they don’t invest in Virginia,” says Ibrahim. “It is not a direct investment in Charlottesville, but it will employ professionals in the broader medical field.”

Joseph Duneier, a Silicon Valley veteran, will facilitate the investment and gain access to Hanif’s Hangman Capital connections in Dubai. “With Expo2020 opening later in the year, Dubai provides lucrative service-based investment opportunities. It’s a mutually beneficial exchange,” explains Duneier.

Ibrahim’s advisory has worked with entrepreneurs in Virginia. A research report, compiled by Access Advisory during this period, reveals unique insights into Charlottesville demographics. Hanif cites these insights to make a case for medical tech start-ups to invest in the city.

“If you take a look at the employment statistics. If you see who employs the most people and in which positions. Inclinations of the city’s human resources become evident,” clarifies Hanif.

Ibrahim Hanif is a business strategist and investor best known for the management of Hangman Capital. He also produces educational content and business research for entrepreneurs in the United States, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Hanif is based in Dubai, a city that is home to the world’s tallest skyscraper.

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