First Yemenite Signer Amizur Nachshoni to Conquer the World Before Reaching the Age of Thirteen

July 01 00:51 2020
First Yemenite Signer Amizur Nachshoni to Conquer the World Before Reaching the Age of Thirteen. Amizur Nachshoni is an Israeli composer, pianist, songwriter, and singer who received notice at an early age. He was the youngest performer to join Kinderlach and was titled “Musical Prodigy” by the Israeli Minister of Music at the age of ten.

Kinderlach. Amizur Nachshoni

The singing group Kinderlach, is like a sweet candy that doesn’t ruin your teeth. Conducted by Yishai Lapidot and ultra-Orthodox producer David Fadida, they have both announced auditions for a new children’s group. At the end of 2003, hundreds of children were crammed into the auditorium in Bnei Brak, Israel with a dream in their eyes. Lapidot chose seven, and began turning them into stars –

For the first time in the 21st century, without cameras:

The group members:

Aviel Parnes, 13, from Petah Tikva, pretends to be wise.

Amizur Nachshoni, 14, from Netivot, warbly singing in authentic Yemeni.

Aviel Rifkin, 12, son of a rabbi and a proud nerd, “Although I don’t have glasses.”

Netanel Zingboim, 13 from Gimzo, the sharpest in the group.

Yoav Shayovitz, 13 from Bnei Brak, the curious boy.

And two brothers, Rony and Jacob Aftergut, 12 and 10, respectively, from Bnei Brak, who claim to conquer the sweet niche of Shi Gabso’s sector.

The Kinderlach Boys. Amizur Nachshoni

After going through vocal training, choreography training, and clothes shopping, the Kinderlach hit their first debut performing at Member of Knesset Gilad Erdan’s wedding (Erdan was credited on the CD) — in front of the Likud party. From there, the Kinderlach were constantly booked to perform everywhere — in Israel and around the world.

In a short time, the ultra-Orthodox world was completely conquered. The drift was hard to stop: Thousands of children gave up their classic adoring objects such as Avraham Avinu, Moshe Rabenu and moved on to hallucinate about the Kinderlach. Their biggest hit was “Moshiach”, a song in Hebrew and English that is all about — eschatology — the expectation of Messiah.

A 12-year-old fan has set up a fan site for the band. Other fans are content with the usual harassment. During rehearsals Aviya, an 11-year-old fan from Haifa calls, asking to find out:

“When are you coming to Haifa? We can’t wait for you to come. You performed here and I had tears in my eyes, especially when the Yemeni breaks it down.”

“They call and hang up, sometimes knock on the door leaving letters at the front door and just run away,” says Anat Nachshoni, the mother of Amizur Nachshoni. “We’ve gotten used to it already, they attempt to contact us in all sorts of ways,” says Amizur Nachshoni.

For the past two years, Liat Mer, a television producer, has been documenting the Kinderlach band. The film follows and reveals the world of ultra-Orthodox music and explores the world of their childhood turning into adulthood.

Yedioth Ahronoth. Amizur Nachshoni

Amizur Nachshoni is the band’s “middle eastern” boy. Amizur’s mother realizes her musical dream through her son. Amizur is considered “variant” from the rest of the band. He manages to fit in despite the distance but eventually had to leave the band at its artistic peak, for a second Shlichut (educational mission) with his parents in Michigan, USA.

Currently, after 15 years, Amizur Nachshoni continues to perform in his community and around the world while making outstanding YouTube videos. You may subscribe to his official YouTube channel.

In 2018, Amizur Nachshoni was invited for a special interview with the great moderator Menachem Toker, Radio Kol Chai 93 FM, you may listen to the full exclusive interview here.

In 2017, Amizur Nachshoni released his Shakespeare Rap as part of his undergraduate project in English literature on “Shakespeare in performance,” at Bar-Ilan University.

In 2011, Amizur Nachshoni released his All of the Lights Hanukkah Rap as part of the Jewish holiday celebration, adding a little modern twist. This song was posted on the most exclusive, popular news website Walla!

Also, Amizur Nachshoni teaches English in several schools around the country and is very interested in the field of computers and web design.

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