Balance 6 Coaching Provides Coaching Services Focused on Work/Life Balance in Walnut Creek, CA

September 16 18:43 2020
Balance 6 Coaching Provides Coaching Services Focused on Work/Life Balance in Walnut Creek, CA

Walnut Creek, CA – Business and personal life are two areas that constantly tend to conflict. It is common to find business owners who express concern about being too busy, not achieving the necessary performance in their employees, or having problems at home due to being overworked. While these are some of the most common concerns, Balance 6 Coaching is a leading business management consultant in Walnut Creek, CA, and the surrounding areas, dedicated to providing business owners with the tools necessary to maximize their time in both their business and personal lives.

Balance 6 Coaching is operated by  Christoph Nauer,  a certified business and life coach who has vast experience helping business owners and their employees to work smarter while making more money with less stress. Christoph Nauer is focused on offering its clients customized coaching that includes strategies and plans that address their financial goals and time management.  

As seen on NBC, Fox, ABC, and CBC, Christoph and his team have established a comprehensive approach with 6 objectives, which are all addressed with the same emphasis, to achieve a work/life balance, addressing financial goals, health goals, relationships, time management, self-improvement and higher power (spirituality, charity, community service, etc.).

Balance 6 Business Coaching offers private one-on-one VIP coaching, with 45-60 minute sessions on the phone or via Zoom at a day and time mutually agreed upon. They also specialize in Group Coaching with a variety of highlighted topics to cover during each session, including goal setting, prioritizing, wellness strategies, leadership, overall time management, and more. All of their plans are designed in a personalized way, considering the specific needs of each business owner, its employees, and the company in general. 

Companies that have long struggled with their productivity, have found fully effective solutions after taking the Balance 6 Coaching Time Management 101 course, that teaches them how to double or triple their productivity and free time, helping them to create the ideal schedule for each week while improving their clarity of focus and prioritization. Their Time Management 101 is not only great for increasing productivity, but also for helping owners and employees reduce stress and live a more balanced life.

“When I hired Christoph, my son and I had some relationship problems since my son became an employee in my construction company. Christoph coached me to first work together with him, then delegate and let go. My son brought in new clients on his own and Christoph suggested making him VP of sales. My business has grown so much that we keep hiring new employees to keep up. Our relationship has improved tremendously as well. I end up making a lot more money than what I had paid for coaching.” 

Balance 6 Coaching is located at 1261 Locust St #9, Walnut Creek, CA 94596. For work/life balance coaching services, contact their team by calling (925) 286-1886 or send an email to [email protected] For additional information regarding their services or to request a free quote, visit the company’s website.

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