Entrepreneurs Anthony Agyeman and Megan Shears explain the reason behind starting their company AMZ Handsfree

September 17 03:50 2020
Entrepreneurs Anthony Agyeman and Megan Shears explain the reason behind starting their company AMZ Handsfree

Internet is a vast place which has made every individual connected. While social media is one major aspect of the internet, making money over the web or generating a source of income is another important aspect for many people. Online shopping or informally known as the e-commerce business has boomed in the last few years as many people have become successful online sellers. Anthony Agyeman, a notable name in the world of online sales has coined AMZ Handsfree along with Megan Shears. It is a business service which works closely with Amazon and does everything right from guesswork to handling product research.

Anthony became an entrepreneur while he was 16 and since then, he has come a long way in his journey. He is currently domination the high-ticket drop shipping industry. In 2016, he launched a clothing brand which made him understand the concept of online sales. Anthony and Megan’s company takes care of order fulfilment and customer service and it provides services to clients such as Amazon dropshipping, Amazon Private Label and Amazon Wholesale. AMZ Handsfree is the ultimate place for all the Amazon sellers who are capable of generating 8-figure income. The process of being an Amazon seller through AMZ Handsfree is quite simple.

For any client who is a beginner, the company guides on how to create Amazon Central Seller account step by step and also lets them know about the different services. Megan Shears further revealing more about AMZ Handsfree said, “We have financially freed over 10 people and made them over 6 figures within a couple of months. The reason we created this company is that we have seen so many people not know how to adapt and make money online. We wanted to provide a service to help people who have the capital but not the skill during this time.” The company has rightly changed the fortunes of many people who have become successful entrepreneurs today.

An interesting fact to note down is that amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon hit 65% of the total e-commerce sales globally. Looking at this exponential growth, Anthony believes that people will soon make online purchases over offline shopping. By sharing his knowledge about the online business, Anthony conducts various webinars about online shopping. “My goal is to transform my students into entrepreneurs who can make 8-figure income through online sales.

To know more about Anthony Agyeman and his works, visit his website www.anthonyagyeman.com.

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