1000 Islands Rehab Centre Provides Addiction Recovery Patients a Safe Haven

September 17 00:01 2020

1000 Islands Rehab Centre has come up with innovation treatment programs that support individuals battling with substance dependence; this includes those with addiction to drugs, like cocaine, opioids, amphetamine, methamphetamine, marijuana, inhalants, heroin, and even prescription drugs. These programs also cater to people with alcohol use disorder (alcoholism) who are on the path to recovery. With its addiction rehab facility, addicts find solace in the facility’s therapy and counseling sessions that do not just help to deal with addictions, but also provide coping mechanisms to handle life stresses, including the skills and tools. Patients can book appointments for counseling and treatment on the website. 1000 Islands Rehab Centre rehabilitation center offers the following under drug and alcohol addiction:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Mindfulness therapies
  • Creative therapies
  • Life management
  • Exercise and nutrition

Substance abuse has plagued society longer than anyone can remember. However, in recent times, it has been on the increase, as more synthetic drugs enter the scene. Addiction to these toxic substances stems from varying factors, including stress, trauma, tragic loss, physical and mental instability, isolation, and unhealthy relationships. Although these factors are beyond human control most times, there are ways an individual can handle them effectively, without having to break under intense pressure. 1000 Islands Rehab Centre has come up with a holistic approach to help patients recover from substance dependency without experience severe side-effects. Without this tactic, addicts may experience physical and traumatic reactions, ranging from mild to severe or life-threatening conditions. Hence, medical specialists are on standby to monitor the individual’s health and provide recommendations when necessary.

The rehab center is fully equipped with certified healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, counselors, nutrition specialists, and fitness trainers. These individuals provide a supportive environment that promotes a patient’s recovery. Each program is tailored to address a particular type of addiction and its severity. What makes 1000 Islands Rehab Centre unique is its view about treatment modalities, which are very flexible and highly effective. The facility gives patients free time to relax and evaluate each progressive phase of the treatment program. Individuals, couples, and family members battling with substance abuse can start a recovery journey towards living a drug-free life by registering on the clinic’s website. Apart from counseling and therapy, 1000 Islands Rehab Centre provides medical detox that helps cleanse the body of toxic substances under the full treatment program, using an individual approach; this implies that the facility takes into consideration the individual’s lifestyle, personal preferences, health status, and even cultural and religious beliefs. It does not end there; some specialists are there to follow up on clients even after treatments. These aftercare programs ensure that the patient integrates into society easily, without any future relapse.

About 1000 Islands Rehab Centre

1000 Islands Rehab Centre is an addictions treatment center that provides substance abuse recovery programs for patients. Launched in 2006, the treatment organization has established several programs in place to cater to several addictions and dependencies.

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