“Beautiful China, more than China” Global Panda Fans’ Tour Around Sichuan

July 01 06:56 2017

On the morning of Dec. 15th, the departure ceremony of “Beautiful China, more than China” Global Panda Fans’ Tour Around Sichuan was grandly held in Kuanzhai Xiangzi (China Lane). Fans of panda from all over the world started their journey in Sichuan from here.

The news of recruiting fan of “Beautiful China, more than pandas” once released and has instantly received a large number of registrations from all over the globe. After rounds of selections, 25 fans of panda from the US, Italy, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Mexico, the UK, Hong Kong (China) and Taiwan region have been chosen and attended the ceremony today.

In the next incoming Sichuan activities, panda fans will enjoy an unforgettable journey. They will visit Sichuan Cuisine Museum to learn and taste the famous [8.jpg] Sichuan dishes and watch tea ceremony performance and Sichuan opera. They will go to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and learn about the habits of a giant panda. They will also see the live streaming room of Panda.tv which turns giant pandas into online celebrities.

Fans will see many adorable pandas from live streaming and experience the work as a director. Have a bite of Wotou, the favorite snack of panda and enjoy the treat of the national treasure. Learn a few Tai-chi moves in Mount Qingcheng as well as the culture of Taoism. Appreciate the magnificence of the world biggest stone-carved Buddha sculpture in Leshan.

Go to the Mount Emei Scenic Area and witness the five features of Emei: the magnificence, the beauty, the uniqueness, the treacherousness and the tranquility. Finally, panda fans will share their stories during the trip and post them on their webpages so that more people will get to know Sichuan and fall in love with it, too.

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