Vision Paper Towel Introduces Paper Towels, Paper Rolls, Paper Napkins & Other Products for Global Customers

July 05 13:29 2017
With the objective of allowing clients to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at different places, Vision Paper Towel Co., Ltd is offering paper towels, hand towels, tissue papers etc at affordable prices.

Today, paper towels and paper rolls are an important product to help maintain cleanliness at home, office, public and other places. Vision Paper Towel Co., Ltd offers a variety of paper towels and related products, mainly made of recycled paper. This is the reason why these paper products are affordable and also environment friendly.

The company has a variety of paper products in their portfolio, including single fold paper towels that are commonly used in public places, such as schools, airports, public parks and other places. These towels are made of three different types of materials, recycled white, recycled brown and virgin papers. The paper towels made of recycled paper help save thousands of trees every year and protect the environment. These towels are available in different sizes with 38-42 GSM thickness.

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Clients can procure different types of paper hand towels from the company. These towels are available with different specifications. One can use these towels to clean their hands and maintain their personal hygiene. They have ultra-slim paper towels, available in white and blue colors, which offer a soft and smooth feeling to one’s hands, face and other body parts. These 1 ply or 2 ply hand towels are available in different sizes. The hand towel manufacturer promotes OEM production and allows product customization with embossed patterns of clients on hand towels.

Vision Paper Towel Co., Ltd is a wholesale tissue paper supplier with a variety of paper products, designed to meet the cleanliness and personal hygiene of people. They supply products all around the world at affordable prices. The company has different products for the diverse type of clients and they can customize the product to meet the client’s demand. A client can choose from different sizes, thicknesses and other specifications that can best suit their requirements.

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About Vision Paper Towel Co., Ltd

Founded in 2007, Vision Paper Towel Co., Ltd is a high quality employer brand within the global paper industry. Located in Zhongtang town in Guangdong province, one of China’s key towns, manufacturing paper products, the company lies to the south of Guangzhou and in the north of Shenzhen. Holding more than 80 employees at present and covering an area of 20,000 square meters, the company is a large manufacturer, engaged in both the manufacture and the sales of household paper. The products they supply mainly include hand towel paper, toilet paper, napkin paper and other commonly used paper.

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