Parc Life Rapidly Approaching Release Date for Executive Condominiums

July 08 00:57 2017
Parc Life EC guarantees that you will be relaxed and enjoying yourself once you live here.
  • Founded by Frasier’s Centrepoint Homes, Parc Life was designed to fit the preferences and needs of the modern family. Whether your family is big or small, Parc Life has what you need in your daily lives.

  • Parc Life aims to reintroduce the concept of fun, happiness and laughter back into the home. We aim to bring the best out of your surroundings in order to make your lives as bright as possible.

Parc Life, known for its fun features and plentiful swimming areas, is leading the charge into its completion date, 13th September 2021. Developed by Frasier Centrepoint Homes, one of Singapore’s highest quality Developers, the Executive Condominiums in Parc Life are separated into three different units.

2-Bedroom Viva

Most Viva units contain two bedrooms, a master bedroom and a normal bedroom; as well as a master bathroom and a regular bathroom. These units are designed for a small family and are quite affordable. Averaging 753 square feet, these units cost a mere $581,000. On top of these things, Viva units also come with a kitchen, dining room, living room, balcony, air conditioned ledge, and utility room. If you wish to stick with a lower budget but still need a third room, there are three bedroom Viva units available for a small increase in price. These units are best for smaller families who wish to live in comfort without requiring larger amounts of savings.

3-Bedroom Vista

Vista type units are much more spacious than Viva units. Averaging at sizes of 1066 square feet, three bedroom Vista units cost $795,000; although they are pricier than Viva units, they do provide more square feet per dollar, causing them to have slightly higher value per square meter. Three bedroom Vista units are comprised of the same rooms as Viva units; however each of the rooms is larger. If you require a fourth bedroom, there are a select few Vista type units that have them; they are purchasable at a higher price but are worth it if you have a bigger family. Vista units are designed more for large families and those who are fond of having extra space at the cost of savings.

3-Bedroom Verandah

Three bedroom Verandah units are the largest and most luxurious of the three unit types. While it is not much larger than a Vista style unit, the design allows for a feeling of greater space and comfort. The master bedroom is about a half size bigger than the other unit types. It also has a larger and more spectacular air conditioned ledge, not to mention the fact that all the other rooms are perfectly designed in order to make you feel relaxed and at home. The average size of a three bedroom Verandah unit is 1,044 square feet, with a going price of $769,000. Again, for Verandah units; if you require a fourth bedroom, there are some units available with this feature. This unit type is best for large families or people who enjoy relaxing and having a large space.

If you wish to check for availability or inspect a showroom, you can do so here:

Parc Life EC guarantees that you will be relaxed and enjoying yourself once you live here. With facilities such as eight different spas, a lounge deck, infinity pool, kid’s splash pools, and many other recreational facilities, you’ll have a very hard time getting bored. As well as all these amazing facilities, you will also be a number of shopping malls nearby, as well as both public bus and metro transport systems.

Parc Life is fully committed to making your everyday life as enjoyable and fun as the next. No matter the size of your family, you will find a good home right here, in Parc Life EC.

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