Airwheel H3 Smart Folding Electric Wheelchair Is A Boon For Disabled And The Old, Or The Weak

July 10 22:01 2017
Airwheel with innovative technology, is a product with high cost performance. From A6 to H3, they are both competitive products in the market. H3 electric wheelchair is even a tougher version. It is more like an aggressive warrior to lead the industry.

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As a brand new series, Airwheel H3 has many unique features. First of all, Airwheel H3 electric hoverboard is super easy to manipulate. Push the operational rocker forward and the wheelchair will move forward. The wheelchair speed will be faster as the pushing extent. Slowly release operational rocker, the wheelchair speed will be reduced. So does going backward and turning directions.

Intelligent scooter fans will definitely be familiar with the configuration of the vehicle H3, such as the large wheel hub and branded battery with large capacity. In addition, the quality tire is also wider with unique tread pattern. This determines that H3 is aggressive enough to conquer any road conditions, such as the desert, mountain field or gravel road. H3 electric folding wheelchair could pass through these roads smoothly.

Airwheel H3 folding electric wheelchair is designed with a splash guard made of aviation aluminum. This kind of material has high strength, high hardness and light weight, but it do have high bearing capacity. The ingenious design is helpful in outdoor travelling, which could bring much convenience. Moreover, the robust power and super cruising ability are incredible. H3 lightweight folding wheelchair has a new CPU and the performance of the operating system is substantially improved. The system is more compatible with the motor and battery. H3 is installed with intelligent turn signals, which could be lighted up automatically when riders make a turn. It is known that riders in some unexpected situations might make wrong operation. The automatic component greatly enhances riding safety.

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In addition, H3 outdoor/indoor wheelchair owns ingenious multiple folding system that can be folded and unfolded automatically. As a result, it could be folded and the pedals could be dismantled, easy for package, delivery and storage in household. Owning a H3 automatic electric wheelchair, people could get away from the tedious daily life and enjoy the outdoor scenery.

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