Airwheel Introduces All-New H3S Smart wheelchair as a Christmas Gift

December 20 19:22 2017
Airwheel keeps injecting vigour and freshness to its products. H3S Mobility Scooter leapt to fame and great popularity. H3S Electric moblity features intelligent joystick controller, automatic folding system and dual ride modes. It will be an ideal Christmas gift for the old.

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Airwheel electric hoverboard is intelligent, flexible and comfortable. Some models liberate riders’ hands; some choose the adjustable seat cushion or operating arm to meet more riders’ demands; some introduce the multiple fold system and changeable battery design that attract many people. As for the Airwheel H3S motorized chair, it is easy to ride and accords with principles of ergonomics. It makes the old riders enjoy riding with two different styles with strong horsepower. Labour saving and worry-saving, H3S helps you go further and enjoy more different sceneries.

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H3S is designed for the grey haired. Airwheel H3S can be used as standard self-propelled wheelchair or a transport chair all in one. Featuring the automatic folding system, H3S is easy to store and carry. Riders just push the fold button on the joystick controller and H3S will fold up automatically. The joystick controller is mini and flexible. Also, because of the joystick controller, H3S power chair is super easy to manipulate and the senior citizens can control it without a hitch. Push the joystick controller forward or backward, it will go forward and backward. So does turning directions. It will automatically brake when your hand does not touch the controller.

Airwheel H3S

What’s more, there is a headlight under the joystick controller, so that riders can ride it in the light-insufficient situations. Other parts are also carefully designed. For instance, the pedals choose the frosted surface, with three adjustable heights to make more riders feel comfortable on H3S electric wheelchair. Its handlebar material is made of high quality leather.

Airwheel H3S

There is a storage box in the back and riders can put some daily necessities into it. Moreover, H3S considers safety in the first place and its driving, braking and steering functions are not be affected by the operation of the means of protection of any other circuit. H3S smart chair is equipped with smartphone app, with one button to control. Prepare early, prepare well. H3S Electric Wheelchair will be parents’ surprising gifts on this Christmas.

Airwheel H3S

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