Old Jordan shoes will be sold at the recently auction meeting

August 26 21:52 2015

As the report from griffeyshoeswebsites.com reporter Cody, a pair of basketball shoe that is considered to the first official shoes of NBA super star Jordan will be auctioned next month.
This is a pair of Nike running shoes sale and the owner for this shoe is Khalid Ali. During the playing season among 1984 to 1985, Ali was the caddy of the famous NBA basketball team Los Angeles Lakers. He said that this pair of shoes was sent by Jordan after the match between Lakers and Bulls in the United States time after December 2, 1984. Today, Ali has already entrusted this pair of Nike sneakers to the auction company SCP Auctions for related affairs.

The editor from famous cheap jordan shoes online supplier griffeyshoeswebsites.com said: “Today, more and more people are used to be attracted by the used match Jordan shoes in his early games. Those shoe popped up in his early matches have clear value than others.”

www.griffeyshoeswebsites.com think that these shoes will be sell at the auction price of more than 50,000 US dollars. In 2013, a pair of Jordan shoe had already been sold by $ 104,765, which should be the highest selling price in the sports area. On the other hand, a pair of newly Michael Jordan shoes which has been worn by his in his rookie season in 2013 are also sold at $31,070.

Although Ali favorites this pair of shoes up to 30 years, he is not hard to decide to let it go. “At the time, the shoe has been collected in my mother’s closet,” Ali said, “I did not talk too much about this shoe to my friends and there are almost no people who know I own Jordan shoe.”

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